RDF Delta is a system for recording and publishing changes to RDF Datasets.

It is built on top of the idea of change logs:

  • RDF Patch - a format for recording changes to an RDF Dataset
  • RDF Patch Log - organise patches in to a log of changes to an RDF Dataset with HTTP access.

These can be useful in their own right.

RDF Patch Logs can be used for:

  • Synchronized copies of a dataset - 2 or more copies of a single dataset for high availability of the data.
  • Incremental backup of a dataset.
  • Recording changes
  • Generate alerts based on changes, either to the dataset as a whole or specific resources within the dataset.

Delta provides a server for RDF Patch Logs to support replicated datasets.

See “Delta” for a overview of the Delta system for distributing changes to RDF datasets.


  • Delta” for a overview of the Delta system
  • RDF Patch” for the format for recording changes.
  • RDF Patch Logs” for organising and accessing RDF Patches

System Examples